Is this the new Ebay for selling football shirts?

All Football Shirts Launches as a new marketplace for buying and selling football shirts

We caught up with the founder Xavier to discuss the new innovative platform and the impact it will have on the community. 

Going back a few years, a platform like this was called for by some from the kit community, Ebid was a platform some discussed to move the community to, however, its lack of exposure and advertising was the issue. 

With the fees, lack of authentication, and constant updates of algorithms made marketplaces like Ebay and Depop very hard to sell shirts for sellers and for some buyers very hard to find shirts. 

So what is this new platform we asked Xavier; 

'AllFootballShirts is a football shirt community driven platform where users can buy and sell football shirts, as well as looking for specific shirts but also play a big part in the content on the platform but sharing photos and reading/writing blogs. The platform is for all football shirts enthusiasts!'

How does this work and how do you sign up? 

'Creating a AllFootballShirts account is completely free, and there is no monthly subscription. It gives its users access to many free features; access to photos shared, and blogs written, by the football shirt community.' 

So if your are a seller what difference and benefits will this platform make for you to sell your shirts? 

'As a selling platform, AllFootballShirts will provide its sellers with their own branded shop, and with a traffic to the website consisting of football shirts fans we hope AllFootballShirts will help sellers sell quicker and for half the cost of other platforms (listing fee of 5% applies). This means sellers get to keep more of their money'

If you are a buyer will you be getting peace of mind and what makes this more secure than other platforms? 

'Buyers get peace of mind as to ensure the authenticity of football shirts listed, each listing will be checked, and sellers vetted thoroughly, before going live.'

All Football Shirts will be launching the 31st of March 2023 to sign up and learn more you can reach out to them on Twitter: @A_F_S_Officia

What do you think of All Football Shirts and will you be joining the platform? Let us know in the comments below! 


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